Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Grab Bag!

In their ongoing quest for creative challenge,the artists of Denver’s Brushstrokes Studio-Gallery present “It’s In The Bag,” an open house show on Saturday, June 20 (noon-5 pm).

An “unveiling” is slated for noon of large works by gallery artists Kelly Berger, John K. Harrell, Kit Hevron Mahoney and Anita Mosher. The painters each placed a thought-provoking object or message in brown paper bags, then began creating a large piece based on the contents of one of the bags.

“These grab bag contents are open to broad interpretation,” explains Harrell. “Painting together daily, we know how to push each other out of our comfort zones as artists. We selected the inspiration items with the intent to catalyze paintings beyond our ‘normal’ range of style and subject-matter.”

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