Thursday, April 16, 2015

Red Willows Acrylic 30 x 40 by John K. Harrell

Experiencing Nature can be most exhilarating, and painting it can be as well. I'm facinated by the textures and colors of the willow branches and how they create such color in a winter landscape. This is a very textural and vibrant piece. I started the painting by creating a substrate with acrylic mediums and various tools to produce an uneven random sufface texture. Beginning with this kind of base allows me to enhance the 3/D effect of the final piece. Once dry, I then apply several coats of acrylic paint with a brush in cool and warm tones to tone the canvas before actually attempting the image. Next, I use a big brush to base in my darks and main branches. From this point on, I use a sort of stamping technique to apply the paint. I found the brush somewhat limiting in my desire for texture so, I ended up folding a manela folder a couple times and using that thicker stright edge of the folder dipped in paint as a stamp. Using mostly verticle up and down motions with the stamp I applyed layer upon layer of paint to achive the desired effect of the twiggy willow bushes. The finished piece has terrific movement and vibrant colors and would be a stunning addition to both traditional and contemporay decors. The "Red Willows" painting is available for sale and retails for 5,500.00 dollars.

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