Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sneak Peek: Book Cover Art!

Career Reinvention Sisters: Kelly Berger Art for 
Jayme Mansfield Novel!

This atmospheric depiction of poppies gently swaying as the sun sets, is the cover art for my dear friend Jayme Mansfield's inaugural novel, "Chasing The Butterfly."  

In a happy and ironic twist, my professional life always centered around writing, while Jayme's was entwined in visual art.  Me: Journalism followed by a public relations career. Her: Advertising followed by a childrens' painted furniture business and art school, along with a full-time teaching career.

Fast-forward 25 years to mutual career reinvention: Me, contemporary representational painter. She, novelist (and elementary school teacher).

Did I mention we met in the '80s working at the same Denver ad/p.r. agency, became roommates, met our future husbands around the same time?  We could pass for sisters, and donned unfortunate bridesmaids dresses for each other. 

After a long period of geographically-triggered infrequent contact, I was elated to learn of Jayme's burgeoning literary pursuits; she shared the same enthusiasm for my art.  So when considering options for the cover of her debut novel, Jayme wanted me to paint the cover illustration and pitched the notion to her publisher.  We settled on the poppy-field-and-distant-butterfly concept and submitted the painting for consideration.  The chief of Lighthouse Publishing immediately replied "yes!"

"Chasing the Butterfly" is available for pre-order on  Consider pre-ordering on September 17 to support Jayme's online launch party! (I'll post more info on the 17th; more info at

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