Thursday, August 14, 2014

KMA2981 Morning Prelude by Colorado contemporary artists Kit Hevron Mahoney (acrylic, 10x10, abstract landscape)

This is an exploration into abstracting a landscape using my acrylic paints on a wood panel board. I applied a texture base on it before starting to paint it. I then used many layers of paint on the texture to create some interesting effects as the brush skips over the raised portions of the texture leaving paint marks in unexpected shapes. My challenge was to create an interpretation of the landscape without a lot of definition, the old "less is more" philosophy. Once I am finished with some great commissions that I am working on, I plan to tackle more of these intuitive paintings. 10"x10" original acrylic on 1" panel board $295+ $25 shipping and handling See more paintings on my blog Visit my website Daily Painters of Colorado

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